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quality guarantee

With years of cooperation with the owners of the palm groves, Sagher Dates has been able to create conditions where the products offered under Sagher Dates brand are a hand-picked selection of the best dates in the country. We guarantee the quality of our products so that you can proceed with ease. make a purchase

The price is right

Sagar dates always consider three points as factors of its superiority over its competitors. Excellent quality, reasonable price and the possibility of buying dates online in the Digikala online store, which distinguishes us from other competitors. So, to buy dates from this site, with ease. Complete the purchase process.

Your health guarantee

Kharmai Sagar Date Company and to maintain the health of the consumer and since food hygiene is important from the farm to the table. Therefore, in all the different stages of planting, growing, harvesting, buying, distributing (selling), preparing, consuming and storing, It considers all health principles and takes help from experts.

شرکت خرمای ساغر

the address of Central office:

1st floor, Tehran Pars, Gulbarg East St., not reaching the Rashid intersection, Parsian Building, No. 60, Unit 11

Connection with Sagar dates

With many experiences!

Sepas Sepehr Sapenta company with Sagar brand name started its work since 2008 with hope and trust in God and having expert and experienced management staff in the field of production.

We at Sagar Date Company, as one of the producers of dates, believe that in order to grow and progress in this field, we need the support of consumers for domestic production, and since we consider the use of “quality goods” as a consumer’s right, and we always prioritize the interests of consumers. We know the internal interests of the company, so in response to your support, dear consumer, we have considered conditions to serve you better.

Sagar date family

Trust is a white word that we have succeeded in gaining your trust

Your place is empty in Kharmai Sagar family


Active customer bank


Contracting companies


Stores and cooperatives of the contract party



Properties of dates

The properties of dates are very important for health. This fruit contains high amounts of protein that helps in building body tissues and strengthening muscles.

Advantages of dates or rutb:

– Maintaining the health of eyes, skin and hair
– Strengthening the muscles and tissues of the body
– Maintaining the health of the brain and nervous system
– Improving body electrolyte balance and blood pressure
– Maintaining the health of the immune system and preventing chronic diseases such as cancer
– Improving digestive function and reducing cholesterol levels in the blood
– Strengthen bones, teeth and cardiovascular health
– Reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as colon cancer, heart diseases and diabetes
– Increase energy level and improve mood.

تخفیف خرما

Activities of Saghar date in Bam

Having a strong purchasing team in Bam region to provide the best type of extra dates
Having a strong production team with more than one hundred experienced personnel in BAM

The abilities of Saghar date

A number of stores and cooperatives on the contract side

Saghar dates store

فاصله گذار

You can buy any kind of dates or ratobi you want at the cheapest market price as soon as possible. All Sagar date products are of the highest possible quality and will be sent to you in the desired quantity with appropriate packaging.

Types of dates in Iran

فاصله گذار

There are about 200 types of dates in the world, of which 120 types have been known and studied so far. Dates are the black gold of Iran and one of the products that are used throughout the country to make and produce various foods and drinks.


piarem dates

Pyaram dates are one of the types of Iranian dates that are produced in Pyaram city of Fars province. This date has a dark brown color and a sweet and delicious taste. Due to its high nutritional properties, such as containing fiber, potassium, magnesium and various vitamins, Pyaram dates are known as a healthy and useful food. Also, Pyaram dates are used to produce other products such as sweets, halwa and bread.

انواع خرمای خوزستان

Zahedi dates

Zahedi dates are one of the most famous types of dates in Iran, which are cultivated in Hormozgan province and Bandar Abbas city. Zahedi date is very popular because of its sweet taste and it is known as one of the high quality and valuable dates in the date market. This date has a sweet and soft taste and is known as one of the best dates produced in the south of the country. Also, Zahedi dates have many properties for the health of the body and its consumption as a healthy and useful food is very popular.

عکس انواع خرما

mazafati dates

Mozafati dates are one of the types of Iranian dates that grow in Khuzestan province. Mozafti date is a type of rainbow date and has a very thin and soft skin that is yellow-brown in color. Mozafati date meat is also very delicious and sweet and is used as a main fruit in the summer season. Mozafati dates are known as a healthy and useful fruit due to having various vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers useful for the health of the body. Also, extra dates have high antioxidant properties that help maintain cardiovascular health and prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

معرفی انواع خرما

kabkab dates

Kabkab dates are one of the local and famous foods in some regions of Iran. This food is prepared from soft and sweet dates, which turns into a delicious and delicious dessert with a special method. To prepare Kabkab dates, you must first choose soft and sweet dates. Then divide the dates into two parts with a knife and carefully remove the core. Then put the date kernels in a pot with milk and sugar and boil for about 20 minutes. At this stage, you can add saffron color and coconut extract to improve its taste and color.

خرما صادراتی

rabi dates

Rabi dates are one of the local dates that are found abundantly in some regions of southern Iran. Kharma Rabi is very popular among people because of its sweet taste and pleasant taste. There are several varieties of Rabi dates, each of which has different characteristics. Some types of Rabi dates include Pyaram dates, Larestan dates, Jahorm dates and Halileh dates. Each of these types of Rabi dates has its own taste. Rabi date is known as a very nutritious food. This food contains high amounts of fiber, vitamins A, C and E, potassium and phosphorus. Also, eating Rabi dates is a very good source of energy and can help improve the overall health of the body.

ارزش غذایی خرما

estameran dates

Estamran dates are one of the local dates of southern Iran, which are abundantly found in Hormozgan province. This date has a sweet and pleasant taste that attracts many people. The colonial date has a large and tropical shape, which is also called "big date" in some regions. Colony date skin is soft and its color is dark brown. Inside the date, there is a large and sweet nut that has many nutritional properties. Colonized dates contain high amounts of fiber, vitamins A, C and E, potassium and phosphorus. Also, this food contains natural sugar that acts as a very good source of energy. For this reason, it is highly recommended to eat colonized dates as a source of energy and nutritious food.


Disadvantages of dates

معرفی مضرات خرما با این که خرمای ساغر تولید کننده انواع خرماها می باشد ولی در این مقاله میخواهیم به مضرات خرما بپردازیم. خرما یک میوه ...

our group

Sepas Sepehr Sepenta Group under the Sagar brand started its work in 2018 with hope and trust in God and having an expert and experienced management staff in the field of production of various types of dates and dates. You can place your order right now and receive your product as soon as possible with the best packaging.

مجید احمدی

mr.majid ahmadi

سعید رضوانی مقدم

mr.saeed rezvani moghadam

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